Knee Replacement Testimonials


Dr Raj Kanna is one of the very few surgeons in Asia to perform Computer Assisted knee Replacement Surgery.

Similar to an autopilot which assists the pilots or a GPRS that aids the sailors to reach their destination easily and safely, computer helps the surgeon to achieve the desired accuracy during knee replacement.

Mr Oliver

 I worried that I would be a burden to my children but Knee Replacement changed my life.

Mrs Radha

 I was in vain and nearly lost my mind . But after surgery I enjoy each and everyday in my life .


Mrs Zainab

 I restricted myself from enjoying the food I loved most and it was an awful phase in my life. But Surgery gave me the freedom and liberty I wished for. 


Mrs Kanagalaxmi

 Life shrunk for me within four walls and I felt like a captive. Surgery gave back my childhood and I breath fresh air ever since.

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