Key Hole Surgery Testimonials


Dr. Raj Kanna is one of the very few surgeons in Asia to perform Computer Assisted knee Replacement Surgery.

Similar to an autopilot which assists the pilots or a GPRS that aids the sailors to reach their destination easily and safely, the computer helps the surgeon to achieve the desired accuracy during knee replacement.



I am Anand and I have been quite active in my sports life. However for the past two years, I was severely handicapped because of the left knee injury. Eventually, i underwent Key Hole Surgery done by Dr Raj. Now i am able to play normal sports and have a pain free stable knee which i dreamed for. I thank Dr raj and his team for everything.

Mr Devaraj

 I , Mr Devaraj had sustained a nasty injury on my right knee before a year. After that, it has been an ordeal for me to live my day to day life. My knee used to give way now and then. Daily activities were severely restricted. That is when i came to know about doctor kanna and after seeing me he took me through the arthroscopic knee surgery. After a brief period of physio i am back to normal, with a stable painless knee i am now leading an enjoyable active life as it used to be …..


 My name is Ramki and I am a student doing my second year in MBA. I unfortunately, had a serious accident and got my right knee injured quite badly tearing two main ligaments. I underwent native treatment for the nearly five months and even then my knee was just not stable and was loose. Walking was nearly impossible without an supportive knee brace. Dr Raj saw me and did two surgeries stage by stage. Now it is nearly 6 months after the surgeries and I can feel that by knee is absolutely stable and is not giving way. i am pleased by his treatment and I thank him for his wonderful care.

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